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Do you...

Person with hurt shoulder
have a hard time sitting on hard surfaces?
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find couch cushions uncomfortable?
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feel pain standing up after sitting for a while?
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struggle to find a comfortable seated position?

Do you experience any of these common signs of misalignment?

Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain
Spine Problems
Back Pain
Back Pain
Then Butt-Thotics is for you!

Level your hips, transform your posture, and change your life. 

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Realign your Spine 

Having proper alignment goes beyond maintaining an excellent posture, it can also help prevent long-term pain. Realigning your spine and spinal cord with a Butt-Thotics Wedge promotes better signalling of nerve impulses, increases your range of motion, restores circulation, and helps your muscles relax. 

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Fix Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain makes it difficult to lead a happy, healthy life. The Butt-Thotics Wedge aids in improving pain and chronic pain that has been caused by nerve impingement so you can manage or fix your pain and improve your quality of life. 

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Improve your Posture 

The Salter Method is the first of its kind, assessing for nerve pain that is associated with a lateral pelvic tilt while seated. If a lateral deviation is detected, a Butt-Thotics Wedge can be used to provide a level foundation. Sitting with proper posture alignment improves blood flow, helps keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy and active, and supports your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Butt-Thotics worked very, very well. I don’t have back pain when using the Butt-Thotics wedge. I’ve been using Butt-Thotics for a month. I have headaches 3 times a week and lower back pain when I’m sitting for long periods. This month I’ve had 1 headache and barely any lower back pain. I’m going to continue using Butt-Thotics. 
Thomas Dejong
I’ve been using Linda’s product, Butt-Thotics, on my computer chair for a week now and it has helped reduce some of my tension headaches! It’s also pretty comfortable to sit on.
Fahad Diwan
I started seeing Linda in April 2021 for massage therapy. I had constant pain in my shoulders, neck and back. I was getting tension headaches, as well as ongoing stomach issues/weight loss. I was given a Butt-Thotic pad and after a few weeks, the difference was extremely noticeable. The constant pain subsided, the headaches have lessened in severity and frequency, and I am maintaining my weight. Butt-Thotics are AMAZING, and I am so happy! I feel great!
Carla Mason
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Person smiling while using computer
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The Butt-Thotics Wedge is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

When your hips aren’t level, one side of your body is constantly being strained all the way from your hips to your head, restricting blood flow and causing permanent nerve damage. Reducing strain on your spinal cord relieves you from lower back pain and aching, mid-back pain and aching, hip pain and aching, neck pain and aching, shoulder pain and aching, numbness in the arms and shoulders, numbness in the legs and feet, and headaches and migraines. 

Level your Hips, Change your Life: A Revolutionary Product by Butt-Thotics

Butt-Thotics was born when Linda Salter made the ground-breaking discovery that her patients were 2 to 3 times more tilted while in a seated position. Linda’s unique approach that entails conducting a postural assessment from a seated position prompted the Butt-Thotics Wedge, the first product to correct your posture and level your hips in a seated position. 

Linda Salter
Founder & CEO
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